Better brain health | DW Documentary

Better brain health | DW Documentary

As the saying goes: You are what you eat. Isn’t far from the truth. Interesting documentary about food and nutrition and how it affects our brain every day.

@24:45 the Scientist says an interesting quote: We we been saying it for 30 years. dont eat this tipe of food. You might get a hearth attack you might get cancer or diabetes. It hasnt worked to change people’s behavior. We hope that if people understand what they put in their mouth is actually really essential to the health of their brain and that of their childer that might have a more profound impact on people’s dietary choices.

@33min+. Interesting explanation of how the bacteria in our intestines infuences what we want to eat. And that Mediterraenean diet gives us the best and bacterria.

Mediterraenean diet: leafy greens and different colored vegetables, fruits, Legumes (Beans, lentils and chickpeas), Nuts and seeds, fish and olive oil.

Red fruits and berries have awakened high expectations. The polyphenols they contain might be able to rejunevate neurons on decline.

This video is giving you scientific evidence and facts. Not just some philosophycal explanation on how the food we eat connects with our brain.

The ideal menu for our little grey cells is still largely unknown. But a balanced, diverse diet which does without processed food and sugar and favours fruits and vegetables, seems so far to be the best recipe for preserving the mental faculties.

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