Ethereum Mining – Superb hash rate on Radeon RX 470

Ethereum Mining – Superb hash rate on Radeon RX 470

Some nice optimizations on my mining rig that is up and running for more than 3 years now.

Radeon RX470 28.4 hashes and below 65W. On the first GPU 1 FAN isn’t working that’s why I can’t overclock it as much. Replacement already ordered.

Normally I was quite happy with 25MH and 85-90W but now I took a deeper dive into undervolting and optimization and I am pretty satisfied with the result. Overall it took me 4hours to learn it. If you want I can teach you how to optimize your miners too in exchange for a small donation fee. Send me an email and I will explain everything there. 🙂

Mining is starting to get really profitable again and I will probably buy some more GPU’s with my mining profits.

I found some cheap Radeon 5700XT on my favourite website for purchasing Computer components. But in order to buy from them you need to have a company registered in the EU.

The Radeon 5700XT should give more than 54MH with an 120W consumption. But I think I will be able to increase the Hashes and reduce the Watts. Will make another post when I will recieve these GPU’s

Radeon cards are by far my most favorable GPU’s when it comes to mining. Not just because of their cost but also of their reliability.
This rig and 2 others are working out of the box with no problems for more than 3 years now. While the Nvidia 1070ti and 1050ti have been a nightmare for me.
Nvidia 1070ti bought 7 of them and 3 died. 1 died before the warranty ran out and the other 2 after the warranty expired. I then sold almost all of them just because I didn’t know when the next one will die.

The 1050ti (Asus) was also really bad quality. I had 2 rigs with 1050ti with 14 GPU’s in total. And at least 50% died in less than 2 years.
And I couldn’t even sell all of those GPU’s because there weren’t many buyers.

Some little background about me and cryptocurrency.

I bought my first bitcoin in 2016 when it was still below 500$. I actually bought 0.5 BTC. Then 1 month after that, I went to a basketball game and I left my laptop on. And when I came home I noticed that my wallet is empty. I went to the blockchain explorer and noticed that the transfer still had 0 confirmations. I was a newb at that time and I tried to make a double spend but with higher fees but by the time I figured it out the transaction already had 1 confirmation and the $$ was gone. Later I was reading the forums and a lot of people posted the same problem. And we all came to the conclusion that TeamViewer got hacked.

And as stupid as it sounds I am really grateful for this. Because since then I have everything secured via 2FA. I also ordered a hardware wallet so that I won’t get hacked ever again.

And I suggest every one if you haven’t already secure everything with 2FA.
Getting hacked is easier than you think.

After that, i bought 2BTC’s when it was around 700$ and hodled till the 2018 crash. Where I sold most of the holding in the 8k-13k$ range.

Mining Crypto

I also started mining early in 2017 when Ethereum was picking up hype and was trading at around 200$. I also learned to assemble my own miners.
Just for comparison if you bought a miner same components same everything:

7X Radeon rx470, Risers for the GPU’s, some cheap intel CPU, SSD, RAM, and a strong PSU 1000W+.

The professionall mining shilling shop 5700€+VAT
made by me 2350€.
And it took like 3-4 hours to assemble and install everything. Now that I have everything figured out I can assemble a miner or any desktop PC in under 2 hours.
So i suggest every1 to learn how to assemble their miners and PC’s.

It doesn’t take much time to learn but it helps if you get some professional to help you out the first time you do it. Or search youtube there are a lot of free videos out there.

Or send me an email. I will explain exactly where I buy the components. (You have to be in the EU. Or at least know someone in the EU who has a company there). Because if you buy it for a company you don’t have to pay the 20% extra in taxes. so it’s a win/win situation for everyone. You probably can’t get them cheaper than this.

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