Investing in Uranium

Investing in Uranium

Right now the cost of Uranium is below the cost of production. That means that it’s not profitable to mine it. Because of the Fukushima event Chernobyl and other accidents that occurred caused the price to crash. Right now the world is looking for alternatives like wind and solar but they can’t cover the world with electricity. Especially now when the world will need even more energy. Electric cars etc. We might double or triple our electricity consumption in the next 10-20 years. Especially now that electric cards are getting more and more popular.
There is a saying that goes. The price of Uranium needs to rise to the cost of production or the lights go out. What this means is that companies are mining Uranium with a negative return. Since the cost of mining is more expensive than the selling price.

So these are my companies to watch out for:
Cameco is by far the largest publicly listed stock.

Then there are:
-Energy Resources of Australia
-Denison mines

They all have producing operations and most of them have idle capacity ready to launch when Uranium prices climb higher.

Or you can evaluate companies like Berkeley Energia that are not yet producing but developing major new uranium projects with the hope of coming online just as prices start to rise. 

Youtube video where rick rulle is suggesting which companies you should study. it starts @12min.

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