My view on the Corona Virus

My view on the Corona Virus

IF (i already said if) corona is only propaganda, can you predict whos benefit the most from this? & what they are trying to gain?

Ok – first I believe the virus exists, and I believe it was coordinated so several people got something very valuable.

There are so many theories out there. And its hard to decide which one to believe. While I have given a considerable amount of time thinking about all the different theories I give this one a high chance of likelihood.

  1. Every ten years or so we have a housing crisis, 911, tech crash – some sky is falling event, and trillions of $change hands.
  2. The US $ was about toast, and really needed a reset – China was emerging as the New Superpower – and the idea of the Yuan replacing the $, and giving China more power did not sit well with the white men who have run things forever – Also designed to kick china back a bit.

My conclusion:

I think that CCP (Communist Party of China) made this virus so that it would weaken the economy of other countries and buy their companies cheap. But it didn’t go as planned and the FED started printing money and bail out all the major companies. Now if china made this prediction that the fed would start printing money and bail out companies and hand out $$ to the people they are way ahead of the game. If they didn’t then they need to find another tactic. This is looks like a game of chess to me.

First you weaken them. Then you attack them.

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