Here I will post everything that interests me. From the Economy, Politics, Stocks, Engineering and innovation, Currency (Forex & Crypto), and Countries in general. Especially I am interested in what the CCP(Communist Party of China) is doing right now.

I am an Engineer (CAD/CAM Programmer and CNC machine operator) and as a hobby, I love developing new stuff or making stuff cheaper to manufacture. Recently I am also in the e-commerce business. I want to be financially independent as soon as possible. I am also an investor and a trader.

I am in my late twenties turning 30 soon. I read countless books and watch numerous videos about the world. I am constantly learning.
I always wanted to understand more about what is going on in the world.

I always watch youtube videos on 1.5x-2x speed. That’s how you can save a lot of time. So you can learn quicker. I am also learning to speed read. But I still haven’t mastered it yet. I am @600/wpm. after that, I lose focus. Practice makes perfect 🙂
Speed reading test: Youtube

A little explanation about the system we live in

If we wouldn’t have inflation asset prices would fall and so would stocks and we would have a global meltdown. That’s why prices always need to go up for people to be more wealthy. The day we stop “printing” is the day the stock market is going to crash. Now I am not a big fan of inflation far from it. I am all for the free markets. But you need to learn how to profit from this. The way I see this system is that it drives innovation which is good. But at a huge cost of ordinary people that are taxed into oblivion.

My advice for all

Start investing early. Compounding interest is the 8th Wonder of the world.

“Albert Einstein”

If you haven’t started, start now!

What will you get by reading my blog?

Mostly I will be posting about Stocks, Crypto, Precious Metals, and politics. There will also be some posts about Life and Motivation.

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