Paid groups. Avoid them like the plague!
Fortune teller businessman, sees rising graph in a crystal ball

Paid groups. Avoid them like the plague!

Whether its Sports betting Gurus, stock market specialists, Crypto Shillers, Youtube channels, or any group that predicts the future. Avoid it like the Plague!

Not only will you lose money with them but you will lose your precious time and nerves. Since you will gamble your money away. The only person getting rich off this is the man running the group or channel.

Trust me I have gone through numerous paid groups and they all had perfect statistics. But as soon as I started following them I started losing time and money.

In sports betting what they do is if a tipster is really successful and has many followers the bookies change the odds.
For example, the bookmaker has [email protected] and [email protected] odds.
And as soon as the guru tells you to bet on the lakers to win. Guess what happens. The odds change instantly to 1.8 for lakers.

Also, avoid any twitter and youtube shilling channels. Most of the guys are only there to be entertaining and to get views so they get paid via Google Adsense. Like Crypto Zombie. When BTC pumps he immediately has a video out this Pump can be huge!. And when BTC takes a dive he is imminently bearish. And almost all the channels that I watch are like that. Needless to say, I still have them on to see people’s sentiment.

My advice

You have to figure everything on your own. You have to develop your own plan. Don’t just blindly follow others. Read the book The Alchemist which is my most recommended book. Every 1 has its own story. Don’t follow others. You have to create your own path. Sure I watch Youtube videos and read twitter posts. And am subscribed to some channels and watch them on a daily basis. But I never let them run my emotions. And in the end, I always make the decision by myself.

I have also developed my own strategies for trading crypto and stocks and precious metals. And I don’t trade them on a daily basis. I only look at 10 charts every day and if I see anything on sale I buy it.

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