What I offer to you:

Miner Optimization. 100$

I will teach you everything. Which platform to use and how to optimize the graphic cards. This platform is 1000x better than windows. The first 3 costumers get this info for free. I will also set up everything via remote assistance if needed.

Where to buy the cheapest computer components in Europe. 100$

The only thing you need to purchase there is a company. (I am sure you have a friend that has a company registered). The best thing about companies. You get a 20% discount on everything! (No Taxes).
Here the components are 50% cheaper than anywhere else.

The only thing you need to know is how to assemble the PC. Which is really really easy. Just watch some youtube videos or get a friend that knows how to do it. The assembly can be done in 1-2h. Or the company can do it for you for 100€ extra. But its always better to learn it yourself.

An alternative to Alibaba with cheaper prices. coming soon.

Please write me an email for more info: [email protected]

I will also tell you which agents to contact in china for you to source the cheapest and best quality items directly from factory.

How to open an UK company in 3 days with VAT.

The total cost for opening a UK company is around 80€. You just need to contact an agency and they will do all the work for you. You can also get VAT registered. Which takes around 1 month to verify. But the best part in UK is that companies below 85 000gbp dont pay any taxes.

I Am giving this info away for only 100$.