Taking Notes

Taking Notes

This is more of a quick tip than anything else.

Whenever you have an idea write it down. Whenever you have some important tasks to accomplish write them down.

Usually, I have the most ideas when I am running bicycling, hitting the gym, meditating, driving, or doing anything monotonous. So I had lots of ideas that popped up. And I always thought to myself: “ok I have a great idea I will remember it for sure.” But in 2-3 days I almost always forgot it. Maybe it came back after 7-10 days but after that, it went into the void. And also what i noticed after taking notes that I follow them more often.

Like for example:

-Go to Alibaba and arrange shipping of x product by Monday
-write an email to xx people and ask them why the shipment is taking so long
-Person X has called and he wants to know when his parts will be finished.

So first I tried using a paper and pen but I didn’t always have them at hand. Then I tried with Google Keep. And that was the best decision I ever made.

I don’t use it only for ideas that are popping up I am using it even for my daily tasks. Because my father owns a company I have to arrange meetings and make important calls and arrange work in the company for workers and I can quickly forget everything. I am also an Engineer and a CAD/CAM programmer and writing programs for almost all machines in our company. Besides I am running some side business. Like investing, trading, dropshipping products crypto-mining, etc. And it gets quite overwhelming.


I suggest you try it out. And you will soon have a lighter head. Not only you will feel more relaxed but you will have everything written down in case you forget it. I am using Google Keep. But you can use anything you want.

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