Wim hof method – Meditation, Running and Nutrition

Wim hof method – Meditation, Running and Nutrition

Every one should meditate. I have found out that the Wim Hof Method works best for me.

So I do these breathing exercises almost every day. I found out that if you do these breathing exercises 3 times in a row it works best. If you do only 1 repetition its better than nothing but still the optimum for me is 3.

Cold Baths

I am also showering with cold water at least once every week. I need to increase this.


Keeping active with some sort of activity that increases your bloodflow is a must. I have found out that bicycling and running works best for me. Its like meditation. I try to do these 2 activities at least 3 times a week. Team sports like basketball and football are also good but the problem is that at the end you normaly go to the pub. ANd we all know how this ends. 🙂

Nutrition is key

Meditating and active lifestyle isn’t enough. You need to watch out what you eat. I try to avoid wheat products, milk products and sugary products as much as possible. I have increased fruit intake and vegetables.

Also bought a coffe machine. Which is also awesome. Before that i never drank coffe because I didnt like the taste. But now i am buying only premium coffe beans that are milled in the coffe machine. Coffe helps me stay more focused and awake. Which means better productivity. I would recommend a coffe machine to anyone. I suggest the Philips brand.


Going on Vacation once every 3 months is also very good for your health. I am living by my slogan. Work now – enjoy life later!
So I try to work as much as I can to be financially independent as soon as possible and be able to go on vacation as much as possible.

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